You don’t want just any old wristwatch. Heck, you don’t even want a standard Rolex. You want a watch that’s truly unique, exceptional and revolutionary.

For the discerning horologist and student of fashionable watches, the Klok-01 from Klokers is everything you need in a watch and more.

Rather than using the well-known design where the needles slowly ticks in circles, the Klok-01 has three separate sections that synchronize for precise time-telling with mesmerizing motions.

The outermost ring has a stem that goes from side to side, counting the number of seconds, while the inner ring zeroes in on the exact minute with a circular eye. The clock’s center sphere shows the hour in easy-to-read font. Switching between time zones becomes effortless with the

Klok-01. Simply press the 4 o’ clock button, and the indicator just to the right of the hour sphere will show you which time zone you’re now in. As if all of this wasn’t enough, the Klok-01 is compatible with the Docking Jewel, which allows the wearer to switch out straps and attachments and transform it from wristwatch to pocket watch to stopwatch.

Pre-order this insanely successful Kickstarter here.