Part of the  InsideOut Collection of barware

a lot better to hold than balancing an overly wide glass filled to the rim on a thin stem


It doesn’t matter if you drink your martini shaken or stirred, if you drink it traditionally, from the iconic martini glass, you are likely to know about its flaws. The glass may resemble all things martini stands for such as class, ladyness, and inevitably James Bond may come to mind. (although purists would pose Bond did not drink Martini but a vodka martini).

But another aspect of world’s most famous coctail glass is that it’s far from practical. Its fancy looks are all form and very little function. Due to its instability the phrase, drinking your martini dirty may take on a different meaning than mixing a bit of the brine of the olives to the cocktail. In  other words, the lavish glass invites spoilage.

The handmade Inside Out Martini Glass, part of the Inside Out Collection tries to improve the classic glass. Not only is it more stable, your drink stays cool longer compared to a normal martini glass.

The glasses, designed by Alissia Melka-Teichroew (AlissiaMT), hold about 4.5 ounces and a couple olives (120 ml) and come in a set of two. Visit Charles and Marie to buy.