Fuut footrest

portable footrest, great for those who work at different locations


The Füüt, a miniature hammock for your feet. What may sound like a nonsensical gimmick at first actually is a clever office hack. Footrests offer comfort and may aid ergonomic postures but they can get in your way too.


Fuut foot rest 2


Plus, if you are a (urban) nomadic worker you are probably not going to haul a bulky foot rest with you when commuting to your work spot. Let alone those who work partially at home, purchasing another expensive footrest isn’t necessary because this nifty utensil is affordable too. Or you can just bring the one you use at the office.


Fuut foot rest has two settings

easily adjustable for comfort while working or resting


The highly portable, lightweight footrest is quickly and easily attached to the sides of your desk. Adjustable in two positions, low for working and high for chilling.


Fuut mini hammock for your feet wherever you go

great for use in the outdoors too


The Füüt footrest is great for use in the outdoor too. Camping, fishing, and other activities will become even more relaxing. Are you ready to take the weight off your feet?


Get it at Connect Design. $30