clever and elegant


A clear sign of a wider adoption of bicycles as a means of transportation are trendy peripherals. Stylish bags, ‘no-effort tire fix devices’, smartphone mounts, coffee cup holders, ingenious crate systems, and other gadgets add to the cycling experience. The conception of such additions demonstrates cycling is steadily becoming a globally accepted, popular means of getting from A to B.

The Frame Folio bag for example is not only a clever modification of normal bicycle bags, it offers enhanced usability too. Imagine being underway and having to get something from your bag unexpectedly.

For example because you encounter that co-worker who needs that flash drive. Or perhaps that hot redhead from the convenience store is just out having a smoke so you can seize the opportunity to show her those vintage wedding photos you bought at the flea market.

Well, you’ll get the point, which is, that you don’t have to take off your backpack, balance it on your bike’s frame while digging through it. Nor do you risk dislocating a tendon while seemingly carelessly reaching for those carrier bags behind you while smoothly keeping the conversation with cute carrottop going.

Okay okay, what the heck are we rambling about. It’s just a friggin stylish bag that’s very handy too. And leather never bores. Nor goes out of style.

carry your bike bag in style

carry your bike bag in style


The iPad Air Folio not “just happens to be an excellent bicycle bag” as they like to say on the makers website. It’s deliberately designed to not resemble a bicycle bag. So you are not walking around, hauling your bike bag all day. After all, cycling is not only good for your health and the environment, it’s a portrayal of style too.


Grab yours at hard graft. $ 407   (they‘ve got a whole bunch of other cool designs and sizes too)