Cubit modular shelving system

Combine 25 modules in 8 depths into a wide variety of storage configurations. You can also make a desk, sideboard, shopfitting system, dj stand or more.

The easy to use stack and clamp systems lets you assemble your individual creation without the use of tools. No matter if you stack or hang the Cubit modules, transforming your home was never easier.

Because of its simplicity and stability you can quickly restack, reconnect, and rearrange your modules thus adapting to your situation. Create your own configuration online with the Cubit planner software.

Choose from a wide range of different colors. From White, to Buddha Orange, Coral Red, or Atlantic Blue, all Cubits are made from MDF and hand-sprayed with several layers of quality paint.

Modern homes are energy and space efficient. The “micro-house” is a global trend. As a result, modular furniture is getting more popular every day.

Members of the so called ‘global nomadic tribe’ are people who travel a lot, live in different places and for whom the boundary between work and leisure means less and less.They are at home where their laptop is. These new nomads are willing to trade space for the benefit of a central location and a flexible life. Innovative, modular furniture such as Cubit matches this lifestyle perfectly.