Boskke upside down plant pot

space saving planters look awesome too

What if you could free up all the space your plants take in your home? Now you can.

By hanging your plants from the ceiling with the stylish Boskke Sky Planter.

The upside-down plant pot that sports a locking disc and mesh to keep its content in place.

If saving space is not enough, these pretty plant pots have even more to offer.

They feature an internal reservoir system that gradually waters the roots of the plants.

Normally house plants lose water through drainage and evaporation, the innovative watering system conserves water and saves you time.

Remember, plants not only filter the air you breathe in but also influence your well-being by reducing stress and increasing alertness and productivity.

Buy Boskke Sky Planters here.

Suitable for a wide range of indoor plants, but also vegetables and herbs which makes it a great addition to a small-spaced kitchen.

keep your fresh herbs in arms reach

keep your fresh herbs in arms reach