If you’ve ever tried to shave off your backhair with a safety razor blade or an electric shaver you’ll know it’s not for the average guy. You’ll have to be a contortionist to pull it off.

Especially if you intend to get a clean shave of all of your back, and not leave patches of hair standing which make for an even more embarrassing effect than just a hairy back, you’re gonna need an effective tool.

After all, asking the misses to shave your back for you diminishes your manliness and may bore her after a while.

This BIGMOUTH baKblade Do-It-Yourself Back Hair Shaver puts and end to all such banes of the furry-backed male.

  • Banish the clipper that needs recharging while you’re in a hurry, the messy fooling around with foam, let alone effeminating (and costly) men’s wax strips.
  • No more chemical hair removal products or MacGyver-ish hacks such as taping a manual razor to a bent spoon. This simple, yet effective back hair shaver is the best you can get.
  • Honesty and unbiased journalistic integrity commands us to mention that it has one minor flaw; it may leave a marginal stubble.
  • No worries, though, if this concerns you, just wait for the new model that features a second blade for a perfectly smooth back.


Once you go baKblade, you’ll never go back to electric back trimmers or other hair removal methods.  Finally there’s a personal back shaver that helps you get rid of the caveman back almost effortlessly and affordably.

Get it here.