Arq modular nesting docks

Arq, provides an elegant, space efficient location to charge your devices

Charge your smartphones, phablets, tablets and other handhelds at one convenient location with this modular nesting dock.

The curved shape of the docks allows for positioning close behind each other which saves desk space.

The Arq charging dock is designed to provide one convenient and good looking spot to charge your devices.

Wether it’s just your Android phone or your whole range of geek gear.

Arq’s modular design allows you to charge your devices closely nested together via either micro USB or Lightning cable.

Because of adjustable connector heigths devices can also be docked with protective cases and battery packs still on.


nested docking for efficient use of desk space

nested docking for efficient use of desk space

Nano pads keep Arq attached firmly to the surface and they are designed for convenient one handed undocking.

Learn more about this stylish product at Kickstarter.