Ampy kinetic charger

your movement is your power


A while ago there was this gadget charging rocking chair. A great idea although the practical implementation lacked a bit. Quite a bit actually since you had to rock that chair all day long in order to charge your phone. Not a particulary realistic and implementable concept for most people. And then again, most situations where a rocking chair is located, power outlets are often close.

The new Ampy kinetic charger shows evidence of more pragmatism. Granted, you still have to walk about a day, i.e. 10,000 steps. And then it provides about three hours of operating time for your phone but still, it could be useful to many. Especially since it’s often at the end of the day that your phone battery dies.

What’s more, you can also wear or carry Ampy during your workout. 30 to 60 minutes will charge its battery. Via USB Ampy charges your phone, fitness tracker, smart watch, music player or other gadgets.

Besides being able to charge your gizmos without needing an electrical outlet it’s kind of cool too to be able to store energy generated by yourself and use it when needed for your electronic parts.


various ways to capture your kinetic energy

various ways to capture your kinetic energy


The Kickstarter campaign that raked in more than 3 times the desired funding is over but you can still pre-order.

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